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1. Introduction

  • The National Immigration Agency (NIA) granted access to the e-Gate for Singapore e-passport holders on 27 July, 2023. Singapore e-passport holders will need to enroll before using the e-Gate.

2. Enrollment Criteria for Singapore Registrants

  1. 1. A holder of Singapore e-passport who is on a visit (tour, business, etc.) to R.O.C. (Taiwan);
  2. 2. At the age of 12 or above, and at least 140 cm tall; and
  3. 3. Does not have adverse record in Taiwan.

3. Enrollment Process

  • 3.1 Enrollment Process for Singapore Registrants
    1. A Singapore registrant should visit one of the enrollment centers for enrollment in Taiwan.
      1. The immigration arrival and departure halls at Taoyuan Airport, Terminal 2 and Terminal 1.
      2. The immigration arrival and departures halls at Songshang Airport, Taichung Airport, Kaohsiung Airport, Kinmen Seaport, Keelung port, Kaoshsiung port.
      3. National Immigration Agency service centers at Taipei City, Taichung City, Chiayi Country, Kaohsiung City, and Hualien country.
      The location of enrollment centers can be found on the NIA website (
    2. Upon enrollment, the Singapore registrant is required to provide his / her Singapore e-passport which is valid for at least 6 months to the enrollment officer.
    3. The Singapore registrant will be required to submit an electronic application form displayed on screen by the enrollment officer. The enrollment officer will take photo and fingerprint images of the Singapore registrant.
    4. If adverse record is found, the Singapore registrant will be refused for the enrollment. When grounds for disqualification are found, the registrant would be terminated from using e-Gate.
    5. If enrollment is successful, a stamp will be affixed to the last page of the passport held by the registrant for identification.
    6. Enrollment fee is not required.
    7. An Enrolled Singapore registrant who intends to opt out from the e-Gate service is required to visit one of the enrollment centers in person for cancelling the enrollment. The cancellation of enrollment service is free of charge.
    8. The enrolled Singapore registrant can use e-Gate until 6 months prior to his/her passport expiry date (the Singapore e-passport with validity of at least six months upon arriving in Taiwan). When an enrolled Singapore registrant renews his/her passport, he/she must enroll again.
    9. Existing members of e-Gate will lose their membership once they obtain Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) in Taiwan. ARC holders are eligible to use e-Gate at the immigration checkpoints of Taiwan after re-enrollment. More information can be found on the website of NIA (
    10. The immigration officer may require you to use manual inspection counter.

4. How to use e-Gate

Singapore registrants can use the e-Gate after successful enrollment.
Singapore registrants can use the e-Gate after completing an online Arrival Card before every visit at:

how to use egate


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6. Media download

e-Gate Animation